Celebrate Father's Day with style and raise a glass to dad with our range of special fathers day gifts. As the special day dedicated to fathers approaches, we understand the importance of finding the perfect gift to show your love and appreciation. That's why, at Tipple Hamper Company, we're excited to present our wide variety of hampers available just for this occasion.

With plenty of options to choose from, our boozy hampers are designed to delight dads of all tastes and preferences. Whether your dad enjoys a refreshing beer with tasty snacks, has a fondness for rum, prefers the smoothness of vodka, or savours the rich flavours of whiskey, we have something for everyone. We take pride in curating a range of gifts that go beyond the ordinary, ensuring your dad receives a truly memorable and enjoyable present. At Tipple Hamper Company, we understand the significance of Father's Day and the opportunity it provides to express gratitude for the love, guidance, and support our dads have given us throughout the years. That's why we are proud to stock a wide range of hampers, filled with carefully selected items, to create a truly special gift for your extraordinary dad.

This Father's Day, celebrate in style with our range of gifts and make it a day to remember.

Premium Beer Selection Hamper

Our Premium Beer Selection Hamper is an exceptional gift for Father's Day, bursting with an abundance of flavour. This carefully curated beer hamper is a true delight for beer enthusiasts, offering a diverse range of beers that showcase distinct and exciting flavours. From rich ales to bold IPAs and crisp lagers, this hamper ensures a remarkable tasting experience. With top-quality brews from renowned breweries like Brewdog, Camden, Wild Beer Co, and more, every sip promises a unique and enjoyable flavour profile. Treat your dad to this flavourful hamper, allowing him to savour the variety of beers included and discover new taste sensations along the way.

Two Drifters Spiced Rum and Mixer Gift Set

Is your dad a fan of rum? Then he's in for a treat with our Two Drifters Spiced Rum and Mixer Gift Set, designed especially for Father's Day. This rum gift hamper is a perfect choice to delight rum enthusiasts. It includes a full-size bottle of Two Drifters Spiced Rum, renowned for its exceptional quality and flavour. Distilled in Devon, England, this award-winning 100% molasses-based spiced rum offers a rich and aromatic experience. To enhance the enjoyment, we've included two bottles of premium ginger beer, allowing your dad to create the perfect rum drinking experience from the comfort of his home. The combination of the Two Drifters Spiced Rum and the accompanying ginger beer creates a harmonious blend of flavours that will tantalise his taste buds.

Jack Daniel's Whiskey & Tumbler Gift Set

When it comes to classic and timeless gifts, you can never go wrong with a bottle of Jack Daniel's Whiskey. It's the perfect choice for any father this Father's Day, and our Jack Daniel's Whiskey & Tumbler Gift Set is an absolute winner.

This thoughtfully curated gift set includes a full-size bottle of Jack Daniel's, allowing your dad to savour the smoothness and rich flavours of this iconic whiskey. To enhance the drinking experience, we've added a vintage-style glass tumbler, making every sip feel elegant and sophisticated. But that's not all! We've also included a Whiskey Stones Gift Set. These whisky stones ensure that your last sip is as perfect as the first, as they cool your favourite spirit without diluting the taste. No more worrying about ice cubes melting and altering the flavour; instead, your dad can enjoy his Jack Daniel's at its optimal temperature.

Rum Miniatures Selection Hamper 

If your dad is fond of rum and enjoys exploring different varieties, then our Rum Miniatures Selection Hamper is the perfect gift for him. This hamper is designed to delight budding rum enthusiasts who are on the hunt for a variety of delicious and unique rums to try.This deluxe hamper features four different miniature rums, each offering its own complexity and character.

With this gift, your dad can embark on a tasting journey, discovering the nuances and intricacies of each rum. From the smooth and velvety to the bold and spiced, this selection provides a range of flavours to satisfy any rum lover's palate.

JJ Whitley Blue Raspberry Russian Vodka & Chocolate Hamper

The JJ Whitley Blue Raspberry Russian Vodka & Chocolate Hamper is the ultimate gift to elevate Father's Day celebrations. This boozy hamper combines the exquisite flavours of JJ Whitley Blue Raspberry Russian Vodka with the indulgence of Love Cocoa Signature Selection Chocolate Truffle Box, creating a truly luxurious gift experience.

Inside this special hamper, your recipient will discover a full-size bottle of JJ Whitley Blue Raspberry Russian Vodka. With an enticing fruity raspberry note on the nose and ripe, rich berries on the palate, this vodka offers a smooth and sweet raspberry flavour that lingers on the finish. The stunning metallic embossed bottle adds a touch of elegance to this already exceptional spirit.Complementing the vodka is a bar of Love Cocoa Signature Selection Chocolate Truffle Box. Crafted with only the finest single-origin cacao, this truffle box offers a brilliant selection of delicious chocolate truffles. Each bite is a moment of pure indulgence, perfect for pairing with the Blue Raspberry Russian Vodka and creating a delectable combination of flavours.

The JJ Whitley Blue Raspberry Russian Vodka & Chocolate Hamper is a gift that goes beyond expectations, offering a delightful fusion of premium vodka and gourmet chocolate. It's the perfect choice to show your dad how much you care on Father's Day, making it a memorable and luxurious experience that he will truly appreciate.

Luxury Beer & Snacks Hamper

When it comes to choosing the perfect gift for any dad, you can't go wrong with our Luxury Beer & Snacks Hamper. This hamper is a true indulgence, offering a lavish selection of craft beers, pale ales, lagers, and IPAs, accompanied by savoury treats to perfectly complement your tipple. Inside this exceptional hamper, you'll find a variety of easy-drinking pale ales from Camden, vibrant summer IPAs from Tiny Rebel, and classic brews from Brewdog. Each beer has been carefully chosen to provide a unique and enjoyable drinking experience, showcasing the craftsmanship of renowned breweries.

But that's not all! This ultimate beer gift box also includes a Stemmed Craft Beer Glass, making the experience even more special. Designed with a tulip shape, this glass is ideal for serving your favourite beer and is perfect for maintaining a foamy head, enhancing the aroma and flavour profiles.With our Luxury Beer & Snacks Hamper, you not only get a fantastic selection of high-quality beers but also savoury snacks to complement the flavours. It's the perfect gift for Father's Day, birthdays, and any other special celebrations. Whether your dad is a beer enthusiast or simply enjoys a refreshing brew, this hamper offers an unforgettable experience.

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