Alcoholic hampers are a fantastic way to offer a thoughtful and delicious present. There are many possibilities to pick from, whether you want to treat yourself to something special or want to surprise a friend, family member, or other loved one. Along with the option to choose from one of our pre-made alcoholic hampers, we also give you the ability to design your own hamper just for your intended recipient.

With this in mind, we've designed our own unique guide that will offer you all the information you need to know when making your own hamper, whether you're trying to build the perfect boozy basket for someone special or perhaps a non-alcoholic selection for your non-drinking friend. Making the ideal alcoholic hamper is a wonderful way to improve someone's day and demonstrate your generosity. A well chosen hamper is sure to please, whether you are purchasing for a friend, member of your family, or a loved one.

The following advice will assist you in making the ideal alcoholic hamper:

1. Start by considering the recipient's tastes

Thinking about the recipient's preferences is the first step in making the perfect alcoholic hamper. Do they enjoy beer more than wine, spirits, or any other beverage? This is essential since you don't want to pick a selection of drinks that they won't like! By being aware of their tastes, you can make the best hamper selections.

2. Choose a theme

Consider picking a theme for the hamper once you are aware of the recipient's preferences. For instance, you could select a hamper that highlights a certain location or type of alcoholic beverage. This could be a basket filled with a variety of whiskies from various distilleries or a selection of well-known gins from the area. Given that our gins are among our best-selling products, getting a gin hamper is always a terrific idea! Do they prefer a gin that tastes sweeter or a spirit that is more refreshing? Try Silent Pool Rare Citrus Gin for a more reviving flavour, or Persie Gin Sweet & Nutty Old Tom Gin as it is packed full of sweet flavours which is perfect for a sweeter tooth.

For whisky lovers, our whiskies are a fantastic option. Whisky is a multipurpose alcohol that goes well neat, on the rocks, and in mixed drinks. This makes it a fantastic choice for a hamper because it accommodates a variety of preferences. Additionally, whisky is available in a variety of flavours, from smooth bourbon to smokey peaty Scotch, each having its own distinct flavour character. This makes it simple to satisfy a wide range of tastes in a hamper by allowing for a lot of variation. Our recommendations include Maker's Mark Bourbon Whisky if you're looking for something smooth and packed full of flavour, or even our whisky miniatures are a great choice including the famous The Pogues Irish Whiskey Miniature, which is an exceptional, easy-drinking Irish whisky.

Maker's Mark Bourbon Whisky 45% ABV (70cl)

3. Add complementary items

It's a good idea to think about including supplemental products like savoury delicacies, chocolates, crackers, or snacks that go well with the alcohol to make the hamper particularly unique. We are pleased to provide a selection of nibbles and sweet treats that go great with a cheeky alcoholic beverage. Our Crunchy Snacking Cheese boasts incredible cheesy flavours, and is a fantastic option for those with a savoury tooth, while our Love Cocoa Pink Gin Truffles remain our best-selling chocolate treat. These alcoholic chocolate truffles are made with premium chocolate, creamy and simply irresistible - not hard to see why they are a bestseller! This will give the hamper a more finished appearance and enhance the overall experience. It's true that no hamper is complete without a few delicious snacks!

Love Cocoa Pink Gin Truffles (50g)

4. Think about packaging

Any hamper's packaging is an important factor. When selecting the packaging, it's important to take the occasion or the recipient's preferences into account. We provide a range of packing alternatives to accommodate various spending limits and preferences. The first starts with our Small Standard Carton, which is the most affordable form of packing we offer. Your hamper will be delivered safely and securely thanks to this cardboard box. The Medium Black Gift Box is the alternate option. This black box, which is a little bit more fashionable and elegant, really helps your hamper feel like a gift and ensures that it will look the part when it arrives at your recipients' door. Our Medium Picnic Hamper is our last selection. This is a show-stopping, gorgeous wicker picnic basket that your recipient can keep forever. Our wicket basket hamper is highly traditional in addition to being attractive.

Once you have selected all of your drinks and snacks and have reached the checkout, you can select the hamper of your choice.

Medium Picnic Hamper

5. Gift messages

Consider including a personal touch to make the hamper particularly unique. You can write a very special present message for your recipient during our checkout review.

Overall, making the ideal alcoholic hamper is a wonderful way to let someone feel appreciated. You can make sure that the hamper is customised to the recipient's preferences and will be a unique and unforgettable gift by taking into account the recipient's likes, selecting a theme, adding complimentary goods, thinking about packaging, personalising, and including instructions.

So, the moment has come to start creating, and it all starts here.

Premium South West Gin Miniature Selection Hamper - 43% ABV

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