Mother’s Day is fast approaching, and it's time to celebrate the incredible women in our lives who do so much for us, everyday. A gift can be a real token of appreciation for all of those little things they do to help us, as mum’s so greatly do. While flowers are always appreciated, why not treat her with something a little bit different this year with a delightful Tipple Hamper? We have our own pre-made hampers, full of all sorts of goodies, or you could create your own, with each item hand chosen by you, for your special mum.

A Tipple Hamper is the perfect gift for those mum’s who love indulging in fine spirits, wines, or liqueurs. But if your mum doesn’t drink alcohol, or prefers a low percentage, we have non-alcoholic beverages to treat her to too. We also have all of the perfect accompaniments to choose from. Including mixers, delightful tonics, refreshing lemonades, and even alcoholic scented candles as fun novelties to pair with your mum's favourite drink. We have gin and rum scented candles, which all look great as well as smelling fantastic! Each is hand made in small batches to ensure high quality, as well as being made with 100 % natural premium-grade wax derived from soybeans which are vegan-friendly, biodegradable and renewable. This process means the candles have been infused with the maximum amount of fragrance possible. 

This is a thoughtful way to pamper her with something she really will enjoy. Create your ultimate Tipple Hamper for this coming Mother’s Day celebration today.

Personalised Favourites

Take a moment to think about your mum’s favourite drinks. Does she enjoy a crisp white wine after a long day? Or perhaps she enjoys a fruity gin with a nice tonic to unwind? Maybe she’s into more artisan cocktails or a refreshing non-alcoholic drink, whatever her preference, tailor her hamper just for her with her favourite tipples. Creating your very own gift hamper has never been easier! Simply browse our range of bottles and miniatures, glasses, tonic, mixers and more to assemble the perfect gift for any special occasion. Then choose your contents according to specific brands, items and price to suit your personal preferences. Our wide range of drink choices ensure there is something for everyone, no matter your favourite, we have it!

We even have snacks you can add to help complete the occasion. From popcorn, chocolate, a range of peanuts, fudge boxes, cheese and olives, we have something your mum will love. Our snack section is stocked with a range of food items chosen to compliment the complex flavours and nuanced aromas of your favourite juniper-centric spirit. Our Chococo Selection Box, is an indulgent box full of flavour.
Filled with 16 different handcrafted chocolates, there really is a favourite for everyone, the only question is, which will be your favourite? This is the perfect indulgent choice for your chocolate loving mum.

Presentation is Key

Presentation can make all the difference when it comes to gift giving. Opt for a beautiful picnic basket in a range of sizes, or a decorative wooden presentation box with us, where all of your good choices will be packed neatly for that perfect surprise. Our wicker hampers are the perfect eco-friendly solution to presenting this special unique gift. The different sized picnic baskets are made from sustainable wood wool shredding, a natural, timber-based packing solution that’s not only beautiful but also good for the environment. Our wooden presentation boxes are also a great choice, and can be used again and again. They are designed to hold two bottles of gin, whisky, rum, vodka, candles or another tipple of your choosing. Unfortunately, some unusually shaped bottles may not fit in this packaging format, but you could add some snacks instead to enjoy with your selected drink choices.

Adding a personal touch of a handwritten note can really make your mum’s day. Our free gift message with every order can express why you choose this hamper, and what your mum means to you. We don’t always say it, so why not write it down alongside a beautiful hamper of your choice to really make her day even more special.

Celebrate Together

One of the best parts about gifting a Tipple Hamper is to enjoy it with your loved ones. Why not plan out a lovely Mother’s Day celebration where you can relax together. Uncork a bottle of great wine, sip on some homemade cocktails with our fantastic spirits, and raise a glass to the great women in your life. Take this moment to bond, reminisce and create brand new memories together with a great day all together. Often, as we all get older, it can be hard to spend dedicated time together, so make this the perfect day to spend some quality time together over a few glasses of bubbles. Our pre-bottled cocktails are perfect to share. Our bramble cocktail is a great choice for fruity gin lovers, made with Salcombe gin; blackberry liqueur; lemon juice and sugar syrup; it is a real sweet treat. Or if you like a more traditional cocktail, we have a Mojito, Espresso Martini, Margarita, or our classic Old Fashioned to choose from.

This Mother’s Day, go beyond tradition and surprise your mum with a thoughtful Tipple Hamper which she’ll truly cherish. Cheers!

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