With Father’s Day just around the corner, it is the perfect time to show your appreciation to your Dad. This year, elevate your gift - giving game with us at Tipple Hamper, where we offer a wide range of premium drinks and gourmet treats your Dad will love, making him feel truly special.

Select one of our pre- made hampers, or make your own, the choice is yours.

Why Choose a Tipple Hamper?

A Tipple Hamper is more than just another gift, it is an experience. We pride ourselves on bringing together a curated selection of the finest wines, craft beers, artisan spirits, as well as moreish snacks, for you to choose from, and we carefully present them in a beautifully designed hamper of your choosing.

Simply choose your tipple/s, choose your mixers with any added accessories you wish, then finally choose your hamper and checkout securely, and wait for your hamper to arrive. Here is why a Tipple Hamper makes the perfect Father’s Day gift:

Personalised Selection:

Each hamper can be customised to suit your Dad’s unique tastes. Whether he prefers a robust red wine, a smooth whisky, or a refreshing craft beer, we have a range of pre - made hampers available, or why not curate your own to create the perfect selection of gifts and products that your Dad is sure to love.

Making up your own hamper ensures that every item is loved, and can mean something to your Dad. A certain treat might have been his long forgotten favourite, so ignite those memories by bringing that treat to him this Father’s Day, along with his favourite tipple of course.

Gourmet Quality

Tipple Hampers feature top - quality products from renowned brands and local artisans. From savoury snacks to sweet indulgences, every item is chosen for its exceptional taste and quality. Our wide range of tasty snacks have been carefully chosen to compliment the complex flavours and nuanced aromas of your favourite juniper-centric spirit. Whether your Dad is a sweet lover or more savoury snacker, we have you covered with a wide selection of each.

We carry deliciously flavoured nuts, chocolates, such as The Chococo Selection Box, popcorn from Joe&Sephs, as well as crisps, a selection of Joe&Sephs sauces, like sticky toffee, salted caramel sauce, or why not try something different like their gin and tonic sauce, or the prosecco caramel sauce, which can be the perfect topping to those sweet treats.

Elegant Presentation

The hampers are not just about the contents, but also about presentation. Beautifully packaged, a Tipple Hamper makes a statement of thoughtfulness and elegance. Check out our different types of packaging here to make your perfect gift this year.

Our wicker hamper options come with sustainable wood wool shredding, which is a natural, timber-based packing solution that’s not only beautiful, but is also good for the environment. This storage solution is not only an impressive way to give gifts, but it is a product that can be used again and again.


With everything carefully selected and arranged, a hamper made by us guarantees a hassle - free option, saving yourself time and effort while still ensuring that your Dad receives a thoughtful present that he will love.

As we stock over 200 spirits from around the world, we know we will have something for everyone to enjoy! Expertly selected gins, wines, rums and other spirits make up our delicious selection of ready-made hampers that also include tonics, mixers and edible accompaniments, making them the perfect gift this Father’s Day.

Each hamper will be unique to you and your recipients preferences, but here are some tips for ensuring your hamper will be as perfect as possible.

  • Know your Dad’s Preferences: think about what your Dad enjoys to drink as a treat. Does he have a favourite type of wine or spirit? Is he a craft beer kind of man? Tailor his hamper to his tastes for a more personalised and thoughtful experience.
  • Consider the Occasion: Is your Dad someone who loves to host a BBQ with a beer by his side, or does he enjoy a glass of whisky on an evening? Design your hamper around his lifestyle and any upcoming occasions to look forward to.
  • Add a Personal Touch: All of our hampers include the option to include a personal message alongside your chosen selection of items. This can be a great way to say what your Dad means to you, making the gift even more special this year.

This Father’s Day, give your Dad a gift that he will truly appreciate, with our help from Tipple Hamper. It’s not just a selection of drinks and snacks we offer, but a thoughtful curated experience, where you can enjoy selecting and seeing your hamper come to life, and he can see his tastes and favourite things celebrated.

Whether he enjoys exploring new flavours, or is a creature of habit, a gift from us is sure to brighten his special day.

Order your Tipple Hamper today and make this Father’s Day unforgettable!

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